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Yes, the cut-off point is $100 maximum. Customers can still order as much as they want but will still get $10 Streetcariier Ride Credit, which can be use for a ride discount within one month.

Good question. On the Streetcarrier platform, click on the icon with a three-lines and select book your ride option. On the next page, you can make your choice with the two available options for you, which are "ride now" or "ride later". whichever choice you make, you select your location and destination. The total price will be calculated. You can now apply the Streeetcarrier Ride Credit code that was sent to you via text message or email. After applying the code, Your ride will be discounted immediately.

Immediately you order your food worth $30.00 or more from your favorite restaurant, you get 10% back as StreetCarrier ride credit. Streetcarrier Ride Credit code will be email or text to you.You only receive the code when the order has been completed (delivered).

Yes, $30 minimum order will automatically qualify you to get $3.00 Streetcarrier Ride Credit. If you order $60.00 worth of food from your favorite restaurant, you automatically get $6.00 Streetcarrier Ride credit.

Streetcarrier is a technology company that combines ride and delivery into one platform.

Do you know that successful restaurants spend over 40% of their profit in advertisement for customer retention? We partner with the restaurant to promote their business and deliver customer orders through our platform. Based on the agreement with the restaurant, Streetcarrier gets some percentage from the restaurant and give back 10% Streetcarrier Ride Credit to the customer. Due to the expensive cost of transportation, Streetcarrier Ride credit will help subsidize the cost of transportation for our customers. it is a win-win solution.

The answer is No. Tax, tip and delivery fees are not included in the calculation of the minimum order to qualify for a Streetcarrier Ride Credit. Only your food order excluding tax, tip, and delivery fees is taking into account.

Good question. Do you know that Uber and other rideshare companies are planning to eliminate the driver by introducing adriverless cars? It helps them reduce costs and expenses. I do not blame them. Streetcarrier did combine ride and delivery into one platform to make sure ride is subsidized for all our customers and also retain drivers.

Yes, absolutely. You can book your ride now option or ride later option. The two options are available for you to make your choice. The driver will be at your location within a minute to pick you up and drop you at your destination. The only way you can get a discount for a ride is when you order from streetcarrier partnering restaurant.

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